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“ . . . To be human

is to become visible

while carrying

what is hidden

as a gift to others . . . “

- David Whyte

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About Teryne

Teryne had the privilege of being a public high school teacher for more than 30 years, and loved tending to her students and to the dreams of their lives. Now, she turns her attention to dreams  - their mystery, wisdom and how they take us down into our soul's desire and wake us up into our lives. 


Teryne has been fascinated by dreams since she was a child, and has been deeply touched by the images they have presented to her. Ten years ago, she had the good fortune to meet Dr. Renee Coleman, who has been a DreamTender for more than 20 years. When Renee generously offered a few of her dreamers an apprenticeship to become grounded in her way of working with dreams, "yes" was the only possible response. Teryne completed the one-year certificate program in the Art and Practice of Dream-Centered Living and has been working with individual dreamers and groups ever since.


Upon retirement, Teryne felt called to go on a Vision Quest with Animas Valley Institute, which roots participants in nature and dreams to connect with the soul's journey. She has since taken several other programs with Animas including "Soulcentric Dreamwork," and "Mirroring and the Art of Council," to continue her own soul work and to learn how to integrate active imagination with dream work.

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