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My heart’s desire is for this space to be a sharing of ideas of what it is to be human – the complications, the joy, the difficulties, the humor, and the beauty of our brief time here. Dreams, of course, will be frequent and beloved visitors, as they have been a fundamental guide in my endeavor to engage with life as fully as I can. The waking world dream of life will also find a place here, as it has the same gifts as “sleeping” dreams if one can be still enough to feel what is trying to be revealed in ordinary moments of the day.

A spiritual teacher of mine explained that when someone shares from an open heart, especially in a group, the frequency of that sharing touches those who are listening, allowing their hearts to open, and for their inner knowing and wisdom to be revealed to them as well.


If you feel moved, please share your story, your experience, and whatever inspiration comes to you in the comments.

In any case, a heartfelt thanks to you for visiting!




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