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"You are not dead yet.

It is not too late

to open your depths by plunging into them

and drink in the life

that reveals itself quietly there."

– Rainer Maria Rilke

Working With Dreams

A big part of working with dreams is to simply tell the dream aloud to someone else. This first telling gives the dream more substance in the world, a place to be more visible and a way for the dreamer to see and feel the dream in a fuller way.

Then the dream is told back to the dreamer, image by image, making the dream even more vivid, more alive, with a sense of presence that would not happen if the dream was simply left on a journal page.

Returning to the dream once more, we get curious. What is the most mysterious place? What fills us with fear or dread, causing us to quake bodily? Which moments make us feel embarrassed, or fill us with joy? The dream itself will lead us to the places that most want to be seen, awakening us more fully into our own lives.

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