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"Dreams are the guiding words of the soul.

Why should I henceforth not love my dreams and not make their riddling images into objects of my daily consideration?"

-Carl Jung, The Red Book


I found Teryne when I needed help with a very complex dream that had haunted me for 30 years. Because she was recommended by a practitioner I trusted and loved, I was open to the experience of exploring the message of this dream with Teryne, to trusting her intuitive process, and to receiving the wisdom held in my own heart for so long. Would I have needed to know anyone else working in this realm to know that Teryne’s abilities are exceptional? I don’t think so. Sometimes you just know. 


Elizabeth L., San Francisco


Teryne is a wonderful guide to have when you step into the world of dreams. A kind, smart, intelligent woman, Teryne gently walks beside you on the path to better self-understanding and a deeper connection to inner wishes and truths. Teryne's deep understanding of the world of dreams makes this trip feels both safe and very expanding at the same time. I highly recommend her.

Rachel Perl, Berkeley, CA



For years I have worked with Teryne to tend my most turbulent, thought provoking dreams and bring them into consciousness. She is a remarkable guide to the dream world who stimulates my inborn intuitive processes during dream exploration. Teryne uses her well-honed talents to take me into my dream and is always open to the insights that the dream presents.

Ron C, La Crescenta, CA


It is rare to find a space where I can forget about myself: where the shoulds and the whys do not have the mesmerizing power over me.

It is rare to be in the space where one just reports what is seen, felt and perceived without judgment and without forcing one’s view.


Tending dreams with Teryne allows me to enter exactly a space that cares only about what is, as it presents itself.


The art of Teryne, while attentively tending my dreams, is to create a pure environment where we both become observers, witnesses without judgment. 


Her questioning for more details makes a dream as real as our living life. Experiencing that in a dream session allows you to see life from a new point of view.


Teryne in her dream tending sessions teaches me the absolute respect that one can feel for every form of expression, life, and creation.


Darien D, Pasadena, CA


I recently worked with Teryne on a symbolic dream that I recently had. I typically use the online dream dictionaries to assess my dream meaning, knowing full well it isn't accurate for my particular life/ circumstances and they are general meanings and probably inaccurate for me.


When I had the opportunity to work through a symbolic dream with Teryne, and when I say symbolic I mean it was only a symbol that I remembered, Teryne took me through questions and guidance and a prism of possibilities that related to my current life situation. My symbol was an eviction notice in bright orange and bright green - which until working with Teryne, I assumed it was just the colors that maybe had some meaning -  but as I processed the dream, I realized quickly that these colors were purposely in my dream to get me to first pay attention, and then because the writing on this notice was so small, I had to lean in to read what was on the notice. I wouldn't have come to this conclusion on my own.


My take away was significant to my life at the moment - the inward look about eviction gave me new hope. I highly recommend working with Teryne on dream processing. The skill level she has for guiding you through and holding space for you to gain a pure understanding of your dream is beyond helpful.

Sue B, Oak Park, MI

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